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Hexinruitong staff as the first enterprise of wealth!
In order to attract, motivate and retain talented people to achieve strategic development objectives, the company in both the basis of market competitiveness and internal equity, based on the
Staff provide competitive pay and benefits system, comprehensive training to enhance the system and improve career development mechanisms.
Remuneration and benefits
1, the industry competitive salary
We offer highly competitive remuneration package, is on the middle level in the industry.
2, a comprehensive generous bonus incentive
According to the company business indicators, sector performance, considering the individual contribution and so enjoy performance bonuses, the general manager is more likely to get special award.
3, improve security benefits
We have established a people-centered, comprehensive care of the welfare system: pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, housing fund, commercial insurance, transportation allowance, meal allowance, holiday allowance, marriage and child rearing gifts, annual health examination, paid annual leave, paid training.

Training to enhance the system
1, the new employee orientation: Closed unified training, allowing you to quickly integrate into the company and work.
2, tutorial job training: middle-level cadres and senior backbone "one to one" mentoring.
3, professional managers training: professional managers organize regular training to enhance the overall quality and leadership.
4, business communication training: mutual learning among different companies, sharing best practices.
5, job skills training: Advanced synchronization and work to strengthen multi-level business skills.
6, academic education and training: encourage employees to participate in job-related education and re-education.

Career Development Mechanism
1, more career development direction: horizontal, vertical and cross-company transferees multi-channel direction;
2, dual career planning: management personnel and technical personnel planning ladder, step by step promotion;
3, user-friendly deployment mechanism: both employees humane work rotation, deployment mechanisms to achieve common development;
4, only the performance on the promotion mechanism: a performance-results-oriented personnel selection mechanism layout of the country;
5, the competition for the selection mechanism: vacancies, internal competition for priority selection of personnel;
6. Reserve Talents mechanisms:

Focus on training of key personnel, the formation of echelon personnel, timely held important management positions.